Duty Free and Travel Retail are our growing business areas

Our activity areas

Salotto di Brera Duty Free’s customers are Cruise Lines, Airports, Sea Port Terminals and Diplomatic Shops.

Below there is a selection of our customers divided by main areas.

Salotto di Brera collaborates with more than 120 Cruise Lines and 60 Ferries with the most important World dealers

Baltic, Guadalupe and Martinique

  • Passenger Port of Saint Petersburg is the first and only specialized passenger port in the North-West Russia and also the largest one in the Baltic region.
  • Since long time, Guadalupe port has connected the island to the rest of the world. It is the main port for merchandising and passengers.
  • Martinique port is the main port for commercial and touristic activities of the island.

Airports in Croatia, Minsk, Tashkent and Vladivostok

  • DUBROVNIK: The biggest airport in terms of passenger traffic, especially during summer season
  • PULA: The airport in Croatia that receives in the summer season the largest number of flights
  • ZADAR: The biggest airport in Croatia receiving the highest number of international flights
  • SPLIT: The 2nd largest airport in Croatia. Thanks to many years of successful cooperation with this airport, we have recorded excellent results
  • MINSK: The largest airport in Belarus. Thanks to the substantial growth in passenger traffic from 2008 to 2018 it became a significant point for the airport
  • TASHKENT: The most important international airport in Uzbekistan, which carries out commercial activities. It has the largest number of international flights connecting Asia and Europe
  • VLADIVOSTOK: The most up-to-date airport in Russia, located near the city of Vladivostok. 

Salotto di Brera is a supplier for Diplomatic Shop and Military in Italy to whom we’ve been providing with all sorts products for many years.